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Tracksuits and sneakers Sunday Tribe

MC Jerry Events presents Tracksuits and sneakers sunday Tribe. Date: 10th October, 2021 Time: 6PM Venue: LA NOUBA KYRENIA Red Carpet: 5PM DJS: CTH, DJX, SAVAGE, COSES, EXTIMATE MC SAMBISA, MC DOLAT AND AFRICANZO

Spicy Vibes 3.0

MC Jerry Events In parnership with DJX and La Chronic THIS THURSDAY LETS MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE!!! NEW LOCATION!! DIFF VYBES!!! NO GATE FEE!!! LOCATION: @lanouba_kyrenia LETS GET TURNT!! cc: @lachronicent @alibabaofcyprus Host: DIX Partner 2 La Chronics Time: 6PM Partner 1: MC Jerry Events Venue: La Nouba Kyrena date: September 16, 2021